Coming Home

Soul, are you wandering too? Lost, confused, scared? Also angry and hardened, yet seeking to love?

If so, I, my soul that is, empathizes with yours.

So small. One in a world of multitudes. Many colors, my own, in a sea of rainbow. A kaleidoscope. How could I know? What could I know that others do not?



This burden I bear, do you bear it too? Let us yoke together, tether our spirits and join our hands. My tears and yours will form the ocean we will sail on. Must sail on.

There is no going back. Forget, maybe. We could scrub our minds and ignore our hearts until their whispers are crushed with our spirits. We could fill our eyes, ears, stomachs, hands. We could fill ourselves with everything, letting go of nothing, until Everything has no more room and Nothing occupies our souls.

But Soul-friend, I cannot live like that. No more.

I was content once, happy even. Eager and expectant, tingling with life. I rolled down the windows in the meadows, breathed in the sunshine, wrapped my body in the wind. I marveled at mountains and spoke with the ocean.

I worshiped the One who made them. He must be magnificent, to create this. I saw the stars and wondered how I was seen. I understood nothing, and forgot everything.

Beauty is easily beheld, and easily forgotten.

Now my soul weeps. Broken once, broken a thousand times again. Glass shattered like hardened clay and thrown into the flames. I feel myself melting, and molding.

Listen closely to these words. Being molded, not sitting in a pile of trash.

                                Thank the Lord for His mercy.

Soul-friend, I do not know how to learn other than to do. I cannot trust without falling…and being caught.

I remember that I myself am an Eternal Soul. So are you, my dear friend, do not forget. Let us be kin.

Journey with me, and I will journey with you. Over grassy hills and misty mountains. Through bitter cold and burning heat, roots and thorns, feet must travel. For our sake, for their sake, for His sake.

It is time for me to begin my journey Home. Will you come with me?   

Packing will be easy, for we bring nothing but our souls, bodies, and submission. We are provided for now, we will be provided for then.

Fall with me.

I pray we will be caught.  I believe we will be caught.

Let us tingle with Life.


1 Timothy 6:12

“Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”